“Create with the heart

build with mind”

HH Consulting Architects & Engineers PLC is a category I professional firm founded in 2011G.C. Since its inception the firm has demonstrated excellence in all aspects of Architectural Design, Urban Design, Construction Engineering, Construction Management, Supervision and Contract Administration works under the name of Hailemichael Solomon.

“Create with the heart; build with mind”

HH Consulting Architects and Engineers plc

We focus our energy on providing appropriate solutions that are both cost effective and sustainable in an environment of co-operation and leadership that recognizes the needs of our clients as well as the human and natural environment within which we operate.

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HH Consulting Architects & Engineers PLC is driven by a passion for automated project management solutions with architectural and civil engineering services. It Implements innovative ideas across multiple services and lines of business to contribute towards promoting efficient and economical project management and quality control solutions.

Some of Our Clients

HH Consulting Architects And Engineers plc.’s has a variety of national and international clients including sub cities, governmental institutions, universities, factories, associations/unions and many others. Some of the notable ones include the following amongst others:

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