About HH Consulting Architects and Engineers plc

HH Consulting Architects And Engineers plc has been in existence for over 13 years with its roots in Ethiopia. We are driven by a passion for automated project management solutions with    architectural and civil engineering services.    Extensive experience gained over many years in the heavy engineering sectors provided our engineering teams with the capabilities and reputation to perform asset upgrade and renewal, continuous improvement and maintenance of projects seamlessly in high risk environment.We further focus on project risk management from project inception. We work closely with our clients to ensure practical tailor made cost effective solutions to high quality standards.

We are driven by a passion for automated project management solutions with architectural and civil engineering services.


HH Consulting Architects & Engineers PLCis a firm of Consulting Architects and Engineers headquartered in Addis Ababa, Bole sub-city, and Woreda 04, House Number: New, with project offices at various regions. Our commitment, to in-house quality, schedule and cost controls, has strengthened our firm’s rapport with our clients. In fact, In addition to our strong bid successes many of our projects are also commissioned by previous satisfied clients or their referrals.

The multifaceted and extensive experience of our staff members which most of them are founders of the firm, and affiliates in Urban Planning, Engineering Works, Architectural Design and Construction Management is making our firm, HH Consulting Architects & Engineers PLC one of the prominent consulting firms in the country.

HH Consulting Architects & Engineers PLC has progressively evolved as a recognized consulting firm, providing services in planning, architecture, engineering design, construction management and supervision. The firm has been providing multi – disciplinary consulting services to public, governmental and private organizations in a wide range of engineering works.

HH Consulting Architects & Engineers PLC’s achievements in the diverse areas of specialized engineering services, supervision of works and construction management are reflected in its record of completed projects and satisfied clients. To-date the firm has to its credit the undertaking of numerous multi-disciplinary consulting engineering activities for projects.


The main objectives of the company are:-

  • To contribute professional service to overcome the high demands of engineering works design, study & construction management.
  • To promote the engineering industry by producing quality work.
  • To upgrade the skill of professionals in the engineering field.
  • To give creative solutions to the new demands of the design industry that can sustain the test of time.
  • To implement quality management system thereby focusing on quality of the services we provide to our customers and exceeding their expectations.
  • Expand its staff and increase its market share, aiming at increasing its annual turnover by 50% every year.
  • Win local & international reputation and be amongst firms in the engineering consultancy sector
  • Strive to establish communication with international consulting firms to build working relations, exchange experiences and to collaborate on projects.

Based on our objective, we are providing comprehensive architectural and engineering services in the following sectors; 

  • Building design (Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Sanitary and Mechanical Design).and other design works.
  • Urban Design and Urban Planning works.
  • Topography Survey.
  • Landscape Design, Specification and Tender Document Preparation of Engineers.
  • Quality Control.
  • Contract Administration and Construction Supervision. 


·         Appropriate usage of time

·         Developing the behavioral qualities of a good entrepreneurship

·         Serving customers in kind


·         Practice new technology for a better outcome of creative work


HH Consulting Architects & Engineers PLC is driven by a passion for automated project management solutions with architectural and civil engineering services. It Implements innovative ideas across multiple services and lines of business to contribute towards promoting efficient and economical project management and quality control solutions.


HH Consulting Architects & Engineers PLC we strive to achieve innovative project management and quality control solutions for the local and international construction industry. And also we implement a proper contract administration and design supervision methods by creating partnership and creative working environment.

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